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Welcome to the Stila Collector's Page!!!
This site is devoted to those people who are into collecting the line known as Stila. Besides the fact that it's fun, if not a bit expensive, what else can I say????

Listing Site Updates
August 14th, 2002- Stila Collectors Site is awarded the Angel of Fashion!!!!! Thanks so much for all your support.
Site to be updated as soon as more server space for photos is found. Old Updates formerly listed here to be moved to "What's New" page.

August 30th, 2002- we're still looking for more space to put pictures and have not forgotten all the great pictures you've sent us. Hopefully we'll be able to update in a week or so.

October 29th, 2002- Stila Collectors 2 created to accomodate all the pictures I've had in my inbox for so long. Start sending those pictures again!!!!!

November 1st, 2002- Lots of Holiday pics uploaded at Stila Collectors 2! Look for more soon and keep sending!
Attention Stila Collectors!

Do you have any photos, swatches, or other info you'd like to share with other collectors? Please email them to me at Heather in .gif, .jpg or .bmp form for graphics. Include text info in your email. You *will* recieve credit for your submissions.

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"Awarded the Angel of Fashion©"

Send Heather Email!

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